months later and four days off

Josh LaFayette

WOW, the last few months have flown by! I love my new job and have been super busy – ugh, I cringe when someone says they’ve been “super busy” – whatever. How was your holiday? The last four days I spent hanging out in my apartment with my two cats. I’m already looking forward to next year when I can travel home to spend the holidays with my family. I love my cats, but they’re just not the same company! Ha!

I return to work tomorrow – where did these last four days go?! It’s funny, I had grand plans of updating this blog. I have a running queue of blog posts to finish and tons of ideas for more. I really need to give my schedule some thought in the new year. I miss spending time here.

What does 2014 look like for you? I have some exciting news to share next week! Stay tuned.

image: My Schedule by Josh LaFayette, order a print from his Society6 shop!

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