About Me

> I’m an active visual artist. Check out my website to view my work.

> I’m interested in contemporary art making and social practice.

> I like to make things happen. I’m working on updating my other website: Megan Charland Projects

Want to chat? Contact me and we can discuss the meaning of life, or cats, or something.

About My Blog

> For three years, before hosting this blog myself, I published my old blog on wordpress.com. Why did I decide to host myself? Read my first post!

> I have kept an active blog (not always the same blog) since 2006 and have made a lot of great contacts within the blogging community. Blogs are fun!

About My Shops

Big Cartel

This shop is a space for me to share my prints and books with you!
I hope you will consider adding my work to your collection.

> Apology (artist book)
> Landed (photobook)


This shop is a space for me to share my notebooks, prints, and zines with you!

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