woman to watch

Woman to Watch 2016

In case you missed my announcement on Facebook, Twitter, and InstagramI was the first Woman to Watch of 2016!

I was interviewed by Leah Shaw of the Democrat & Chronicle. We chatted a lot about how I’ve reached this point in my career and how passionate I am about the local art scene here in ROC – I’m glad I was able to share my experience and also some fun facts about me:

Future goals: My long-term goals include pursuing a doctorate and eventually starting a family (maybe not in that order). I also grew up in the Adirondacks and it’s always been a goal to climb all 46 high peaks. Having just turned 30, I’m now committed to becoming a ’46er’ by the time I’m 35. Plenty of time.

SUPER PUMPED to share more about my 46er plans this year! Stay tuned. It’s funny re-reading this goals quote thinking back on my 30th birthday post. Ha! So, I do have some goals.

PhotoFinish 5K – Team VSW – We Did It!

TeamVSW (2015)

PhotoFinish 5K (2015)

YAY, we did it! This past weekend Team VSW ran in the PhotoFinish 5K. We raised $2,165 (goal was $1,500) to support VSW – THANK YOU to everyone who donated!

I was happy to run to support my Alma Mater AND this was my second 5K! With the Lilac Run & PhotoFinish under my belt, which one should I sign-up for next?

Top photo from VSW’s Instagram which of course I had to #regram!

Team t-shirts were hand-printed by Hey Buddy! – you’ll remember his handiwork from when he printed my Collaborator totes!

a summer day



A few weekends ago I took a Saturday off from work to go to the 2015 Corn Hill Arts Festival. This was my first year attending! I still find it hard to believe I’ve lived in Rochester for nearly a decade and there are parts of this city I have yet to experience. Anyways, the festival was great!

PhotoFinish 5K – Team VSW


A few months ago I started running! I know, right? My first ever 5K was the Lilac Run and it was an AMAZING experience. I’m excited to say I’ve caught the “running bug” and have signed up for my next 5K: the PhotoFinish 5K!

I’m running in this particular 5K to help support VSW! Our goal is to raise $1,500 – help us out? You can donate any amount: $5, $10, $20 – it all adds up.


fall in nyc – 2014

Fall in NYC, Fall 2014

This past September I drove down to NYC for the NY Art Book Fair & Contemporary Artists’ Book Conference (CABC) presented by Printed Matter. This was my third year attending both the fair & conference (2012 | 2011). I honestly didn’t spend as much time at the fair as I have previously: 1. because I am broke and 2. I was only there for a couple of days and I wanted to visit my baby brother who is currently living in Manhattan on a co-op from RIT.

My favorite session this year at the CABC was on Saturday, “The Re-Materialization of the Art Book: Contemporary Livres d’Artistes“. Sheelagh Bevan (Morgan Library), Jenni Quilter (NYU), & Maddy Rosenberg (Central Booking) all spoke about various examples of how the livre d’artiste has evolved into a collaboration opportunity between visual artists & writers. I walked away from this session with a ton of notes – but one word I had written in bold with stars around it in my notebook, and that was the name Iliazd. Bevan’s talk about Poésie de mots inconnus, Iliazd, & the Lettrist debate really piqued my interest! Over the last few months I have been reading up on Iliazd and I’m excited to say I’m currently obsessed. His work is fascinating – I’ll obsess more in a future blog post.

Back to the fair. Yes, that is a picture of an Artist Book Vending Machine! Fun, right?

That selfie with my brother is with one of Dan Graham’s pieces at the Met. I can’t go to NYC without visiting the Met! This was one of Graham’s smaller pieces indoors – we also went up onto the roof to see his Roof Garden commission Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout. Apparently I didn’t take any photos from the roof – or, I just can’t find them right now. I can’t believe I didn’t take a single picture!

I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday hanging out with my brother. Sunday, before I drove back up to ROC, we took a walk on the High Line – my FAVE place in NYC. I really lucked out that weekend, the weather was beautiful.

Now, I’m back in ROC and in the middle of a winter snowstorm. I’m not looking forward to digging out my car tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll snowshoe to work.

drawing my fingers off

ilssa - working group 5

I recently renewed my ILSSA membership and yesterday just so happened to be the annual Festival to Plead for Skills. This year I decided to focus on drawing for my skill. I have been working away at my #365iterations project and I wanted to challenge myself to do more. These drawings are all small and I spend roughly 15-45mins per piece – sometimes a little longer depending on my mood.

For the Festival to Plead for Skills I spent HOURS on a VERY LARGE drawing. I’m going to set it up to photograph tomorrow and will share the photo over here ASAP.

image via ILSSA co-operators. AS MANY HOURS AS IT TAKES!!!

16mm summer screening

16mm summer screening

Last Friday night was GREAT! We had a 16mm film screening at VSW and it was the perfect way to kick-off the summer solstice.

I just realized, that since I started using Instagram last year, I have blogged less. Between Twitter and Instagram I’m micro-blogging! Speaking of Instagram, for those of you who use it, what do you think of the new video feature? Honestly, I still prefer Vine, but I did create four video clips (1, 2, 3, & 4) at the screening.

We’ll be on the front lawn again next Friday, so if you’re in ROC, join us! BBQ & 16mm films – how can you go wrong?

Summer 2011 I attended three 16mm outdoor screenings – read more about them on my old blog!
Posts: summer screening | take 1 & summer screening | take 2 & Film Mobile @ VSW

ROC Crit Group @ Imagine RIT

current work in progress - Untitled (2013)

I’m excited to be sharing my current work in progress with The Rochester Critique Group at Imagine RIT on May 4th! I’ve been working on a new book project since this past fall and looking forward to spending more time on it as I wrap up my thesis project. So, mark your calendars and JOIN US! Also, HUGE thanks to our fearless leader Alyssa Marzolf who brought us together, started The Rochester Critique Group, and signed us up to exhibit on May 4th! YAY!

Imagine RIT
May 4, 2013, 10AM-5PM
Free – Rain or Shine

The Rochester Critique Group Exhibit
Exhibit Code: LOW-110
Zone: Business District
Location: Max Lowenthal Hall (LOW/012) – Second Floor
Time: All Day
Age Group: 15-adult

The Rochester Critique Group’s mission is to foster creative growth in a positive, supportive, and stimulating environment for artists, critics, curators, and/or those interested in forging a position in the art community. The Rochester Critique Group is presenting an exhibit that is comprised of various artworks by Rochester-based artists. Our group aims to grow exponentially as local, emerging artists discover the vitality of the critique in their works’ developmental process and growth. The Rochester Critique Group plans to participate in various aspects of the art world, including exhibitions and print-on-demand books.

Alyssa Marzolf, Whitney Warne, Justin Schmidt, Nick Marshall, Tim Avery, Nick Brandreth, Jim DeWitt, Greg Caggiano, Adam Maida, Peter Lazarski, Travis Johansen, Kaitlin Legg, Cameron Farash, Paul Schlieter, Doug Weglicki, Margaret Storms, Amy Lula, Laura Walczak, Greta Page-Mann, Kathryn DeFeo, Jesse Ames, Jenna Shay, Ali Sable, Declan Ryan, Megan Charland, Janna Salmin, Cory E. Card, Ben Gilberg


6x6x2012 at RoCo (roco6x6.org)

6x6x2012 at RoCo (roco6x6.org)

6x6x2012 at RoCo (roco6x6.org)

6x6x2012 at RoCo (roco6x6.org)

6x6x2012 at RoCo (roco6x6.org)

6x6x2012 at RoCo (roco6x6.org)

Today is the last day to submit to 6x6x2013! It’s been great watching the photos from RoCo’s Facebook Page cross my feed – so many photos of boxes upon boxes of 6×6 entries! I can’t wait for the opening on June 1st!


– RoCo is open from 1-5pm today, so get your submissions in! Finish up your submission with your cup of coffee this morning!

– Each artwork must be 6×6 square inches (15cm) or mounted to a 6×6 board, and signed only on the back, to be exhibited anonymously.

– All entries will be accepted, exhibited and will be for sale to the public for $20 each (in the gallery and online for global purchasing) to benefit RoCo.

– Artist names will be revealed to the buyer upon purchase and all artworks remain on display through July 14, 2013. Sold Out artists’ names will be revealed next to their work online on July 5.

– Anyone may enter up to 6 artworks of any medium (2D or 3D) and there is no fee to enter.

Ready to submit? Let’s do this! Here is the Entry Form – PDF and check out the 6×6 website for FAQs.

I cannot emphasize enough how FUN this exhibition is to participate in and it gets even better every year! 6x6x2013 – you’re already looking good!

photos from 6x6x2012 – click link for even more photos!

I love 6×6 season! Last year I assisted RoCo Staff in photographing 7,505 works of art (donated by 3,050 artists from all 50 states and 45 countries!) for the 6x6x2012 on-line gallery. 2011 I assisted RoCo Staff in photographing 4,407 works of art (donated from all 50 states and 34 countries!) for the 6x6x2011: Global on-line gallery. I assisted RoCo Staff in photographing 5,004 works of art for the 6x6x2010: You Asked For It on-line gallery, I personally photographed 3,077 works of art for the 6x6x2009 – Second and Final Year! on-line gallery, and I assisted in the design and coordination of 6x6x2008 – the FIRST 6×6 exhibition! Love 6×6. Love.

The Civil Appetites

The Civil Appetites - Indiegogo Campaign

I am SO EXCITED to share with you what I have been working on for my MFA thesis project! I am producing and co-curating The Civil Appetites in conjunction with the exhibition Eat It at Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo).

The Civil Appetites is an experimental dinner event with research and design collaborative spurse, aimed at exploring future food ways and commons. TCA is co-curated by Matthew Friday.

The Civil Appetites - installation plan in progress

Yesterday I launched The Civil Appetites website where I will be posting updates regarding the project. Matthew, spurse, and I are currently planning our installation. I’m installing NEXT WEEK!

There are two components to this project. One is the installation which will be up at RoCo from April 4 – May 12, 2013 and the second component is the dinner event on May 3, 2013. To fund the dinner, I have launched an Indiegogo campaign!

Collaborator Tote Bag - sketch

When coming up with the “perks” for our donors, spurse provided goodies from their EAT YOUR SIDEWALK cookbook/project. I designed the Collaborator Tote Bag (who doesn’t love a tote bag?!) and I’m having them handprinted by Hey Buddy! here in Rochester, NY. Yay!

Please consider donating to our Indiegogo campaign! Every dollar helps! THANK YOU!

RSVP to the Facebook Event if you want to join us for the dinner on May 3rd – which happens to be First Friday!

sketch of the Collaborator Tote Bag above. I will share the final product once printed.