PhotoFinish 5K – Team VSW – We Did It!

TeamVSW (2015)

PhotoFinish 5K (2015)

YAY, we did it! This past weekend Team VSW ran in the PhotoFinish 5K. We raised $2,165 (goal was $1,500) to support VSW – THANK YOU to everyone who donated!

I was happy to run to support my Alma Mater AND this was my second 5K! With the Lilac Run & PhotoFinish under my belt, which one should I sign-up for next?

Top photo from VSW’s Instagram which of course I had to #regram!

Team t-shirts were hand-printed by Hey Buddy! – you’ll remember his handiwork from when he printed my Collaborator totes!

fall prep


I’m in full prep mode for the Fall Semester! I’m excited to be teaching two classes this fall: Digital Art I & Graphic Design II. This will be my fourth Digital Art I class and my first time teaching Graphic Design II.

Fall is my favorite semester – it’s my favorite season! I have a good feeling about this year.

a summer day



A few weekends ago I took a Saturday off from work to go to the 2015 Corn Hill Arts Festival. This was my first year attending! I still find it hard to believe I’ve lived in Rochester for nearly a decade and there are parts of this city I have yet to experience. Anyways, the festival was great!

PhotoFinish 5K – Team VSW


A few months ago I started running! I know, right? My first ever 5K was the Lilac Run and it was an AMAZING experience. I’m excited to say I’ve caught the “running bug” and have signed up for my next 5K: the PhotoFinish 5K!

I’m running in this particular 5K to help support VSW! Our goal is to raise $1,500 – help us out? You can donate any amount: $5, $10, $20 – it all adds up.


I’m Back!

Summer 2015

Yikes! Pretty sure this is the longest hiatus I’ve had from my blog – it’s not even a hiatus I needed, just something that happened. What can I say? Life just got in the way.


I’ve really missed posting here. I’ve missed all the connections I’ve made here. Time to re-focus!

This summer is flying. I’ll be returning to campus next month. I’m excited to spend these next few weeks focused on ME again.

fall in nyc – 2014

Fall in NYC, Fall 2014

This past September I drove down to NYC for the NY Art Book Fair & Contemporary Artists’ Book Conference (CABC) presented by Printed Matter. This was my third year attending both the fair & conference (2012 | 2011). I honestly didn’t spend as much time at the fair as I have previously: 1. because I am broke and 2. I was only there for a couple of days and I wanted to visit my baby brother who is currently living in Manhattan on a co-op from RIT.

My favorite session this year at the CABC was on Saturday, “The Re-Materialization of the Art Book: Contemporary Livres d’Artistes“. Sheelagh Bevan (Morgan Library), Jenni Quilter (NYU), & Maddy Rosenberg (Central Booking) all spoke about various examples of how the livre d’artiste has evolved into a collaboration opportunity between visual artists & writers. I walked away from this session with a ton of notes – but one word I had written in bold with stars around it in my notebook, and that was the name Iliazd. Bevan’s talk about Poésie de mots inconnus, Iliazd, & the Lettrist debate really piqued my interest! Over the last few months I have been reading up on Iliazd and I’m excited to say I’m currently obsessed. His work is fascinating – I’ll obsess more in a future blog post.

Back to the fair. Yes, that is a picture of an Artist Book Vending Machine! Fun, right?

That selfie with my brother is with one of Dan Graham’s pieces at the Met. I can’t go to NYC without visiting the Met! This was one of Graham’s smaller pieces indoors – we also went up onto the roof to see his Roof Garden commission Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout. Apparently I didn’t take any photos from the roof – or, I just can’t find them right now. I can’t believe I didn’t take a single picture!

I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday hanging out with my brother. Sunday, before I drove back up to ROC, we took a walk on the High Line – my FAVE place in NYC. I really lucked out that weekend, the weather was beautiful.

Now, I’m back in ROC and in the middle of a winter snowstorm. I’m not looking forward to digging out my car tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll snowshoe to work.

check out 85eightysix!

concrete ring

I have a new post up on my blog 85eightysix and it’s a GOOD ONE! Concrete ring? Heck yes! GO. Check it out. Now.

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’tis the season

Untitled (2014) by Megan Charland

It’s currently snowing here in ROC and I’m just now getting a chance to go through my photos from my NYC trip back in September. ‘Tis the season for blogging! With the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow (= 3 days off for me!) and next week the last week of classes at the college, I’m super excited to be able to have the time to focus on this blog again. I have a bunch of posts to wrap up in my queue and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Right now I’m finishing up my “Fall in NYC” post – I’ll have that up by Friday the latest. I’m laying low this holiday season, already looking forward to next year when I can travel to visit my family. As for tomorrow, I’ll be eating a turkey wrap and catching up on The Walking Dead.

I took the photo above from the High Line while in NYC – check back on Friday for more photos.

farr out!

Farr Out

Artist Kristin Farr recently emailed me to share the launch of her exciting new line of wearable gear over on RARE.SKYOU.COM. My faves include the Sun Dial Packpack, Prism Power Shirt, Laser Diamond Dance Pants, and the Campfire Laptop Case. Kristin says, “The quality of this stuff is excellent, and everything is guaranteed to bring you good vibes.” Who could’t use more good vibes in their life? Seriously though, that Sun Dial Packpack must be mine.

Last summer I started using Kristin’s #FarrOut art app – super fun! The leggings, shirts, backpacks and laptop cases in her new line feature images of her original paintings which also make appearances in her app. Have you used #FarrOut yet? Now you can WEAR it!

current project

Untitled (2014) by Megan Charland

Untitled (2014) by Megan Charland

Untitled (2014) by Megan Charland

Untitled (2014) by Megan Charland

Untitled (2014) by Megan Charland

Untitled (2014) by Megan Charland

This past week I started working on a series of drawings in color. My #365iterations project has been 100% black and white and it’s been FUN using color on these new pieces above.

I’m feeling inspired – and running with it. Cheers!