I’ve mentioned the ARTBOOK (Magnum) bookstore at VSW a few times now, so I won’t beat it to death. Just know that there are some excellent books in stock (new inventory was just added yesterday!) and I highly encourage you to go browse/shop! Did you know that the books are 25% off? Also, a portion of proceeds from your purchase benefits VSW. If you’re not in ROC you can shop online!

those awesome totes are by Hey Buddy! isn’t that “Kodachrome” tote great? I love mine!

pick up back issues of Afterimage and/or purchase a subscription!

read more of my posts about Magnum’s House of Pictures project here, here, here, and here!

share YOUR secret

Want to participate in House of Pictures? Stop in at Visual Studies Workshop and bring your photographs (past or present) for possible inclusion in the project! Fun, right? All kinds of pictures, from any time period and in any medium (prints, slides, albums, etc.), will be considered. You can drop off your materials TODAY and TOMORROW from 12-2pm. While you’re at VSW make sure to stop in at the ARTBOOK Store! You can check out the Recommended Titles for the Magnum House of Pictures online. Also, Hey Buddy! has a pop-up shop in the bookstore and is selling his rad totes. I personally own his “Kodachrome” tote and love it. Go! Shop!

Also, if you’re interested, you can post your own photos of Rochester in the “Postcards” Flickr group!

Exploring the Archive

Tomorrow I will be presenting on the panel Exploring the Archive at the 2012 Master’s Level Graduate Research Conference at The College at Brockport.

My co-presenters are Laura Minor, Megan Sullivan, Alicia Taylor and Dan Varenka.

Wish us luck! If you’re in the area, stop by! We’re presenting at 9am.

image above from my project (read the post from last year for more info)