Fall is My Fave

Warmly Fall

Seriously, Fall is my FAVE season. Hands down. I love everything about it – changing colors of the leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, cool weather – just an overall cozy feeling all day everyday.

Last week I was able to wear my fave LLBean clogs and my feet haven’t been so happy in months.

Lots of good vibes today – it’s going to be a GREAT season this year. I can tell.

Momentum – TONIGHT

I’m bummed I won’t be in Rochester tonight for First Friday. I would have loved to see Momentum, New Work by Colleen Buzzard! Looks like I’ll have to wait until I get back. Are you going out for FF? Who is on your list tonight?

Momentum // Hours
First Friday Jan 4, 5-9pm
First Friday Feb 1, 5-9pm
And by appointment

Momentum // Location
Studio 4-1
250 North Goodman Street
Anderson Alley
Rochester, NY 14607
Above Good Luck Restaurant

image from Colleen
remember when I did a studio visit with Colleen last year?

Vignelli Center at RIT

If you follow me on Instagram (@megancharland) you’ll already know that I visited The Vignelli Center for Design Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology a couple of weeks ago. I had a great time – truly inspiring!

The Vignelli Center didn’t exist yet when I was a student at RIT (I graduated with a BFA in 2008) and I am so happy (and a little jealous) that students now have access to such a fantastic resource. The center is open to the public and I highly recommend making a trip to check it out if you’re local, or want to visit Rochester, NY. I fully intend on heading back sometime this fall to research in the Vignelli Archive.

I loved wandering around the first floor where all the cases were. Being able to see the process behind the design of the NYC Subway Map was really exciting for me – it’s one of the first iconic designs I remember learning about when I was in high school. I used the map daily when I lived in NYC. A couple of weeks ago I watched a video of Massimo Vignelli using the map on an iPad. Is it weird I can be emotionally attached to a design?

The first floor also consisted of lighting fixtures, glassware, silverware, dinnerware, corporate identities, packaging, magazines, book design, clothing, jewelry, watches, posters, calendars, and so much more!

The second floor was full of furniture. AMAZING furniture. Desks, tables, chairs – all beautifully designed. There were certainly several pieces I would have loved to bring home with me.

Have you been to visit the Vignelli Center? What do you think? Have you been in the Vignelli Archives yet? I can’t wait to check it out next month!

share YOUR secret

Want to participate in House of Pictures? Stop in at Visual Studies Workshop and bring your photographs (past or present) for possible inclusion in the project! Fun, right? All kinds of pictures, from any time period and in any medium (prints, slides, albums, etc.), will be considered. You can drop off your materials TODAY and TOMORROW from 12-2pm. While you’re at VSW make sure to stop in at the ARTBOOK Store! You can check out the Recommended Titles for the Magnum House of Pictures online. Also, Hey Buddy! has a pop-up shop in the bookstore and is selling his rad totes. I personally own his “Kodachrome” tote and love it. Go! Shop!

Also, if you’re interested, you can post your own photos of Rochester in the “Postcards” Flickr group!


For the next two weeks MAGNUM photographers Jim Goldberg, Susan Meiselas, Paolo Pellegrin, Alec Soth, Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Larry Towell, Alex Webb, Donovan Wylie, and Chien-Chi Chang will be here in Rochester, NY to photograph and exhibit new work in the hometown of Kodak for their project House of Pictures.

Visual Studies Workshop is the home base of the project so you can only imagine how CRAZY it has been around here these last few weeks preparing for the arrival of this group. Part of the preparation has been setting up the ARTBOOK Store! You can check out the Recommended Titles for the Magnum House of Pictures online. If you’re in the area, come by VSW and SHOP! We’d love to see you!

You can read more about the project in a recent article on Democrat and Chronicle: Fresh eyes focus on Rochester life: International photographers roam city to create portrait.

I will share more information throughout the next two weeks as events unfold!

image from Little Brown Miscellanea

GOOD Ideas for Cities

GOOD Ideas for Cities taps creative problem solvers to tackle real urban challenges and present the solutions at live events across the country.”

First, I should start out by saying that I am a huge fan of Alissa Walker’s writing and have followed her blog Gelatobaby for years. I actually first heard about GOOD Ideas for Cities on her blog!

Last month Alissa and the GOOD team ventured to Portland, OR (which I cannot wait to visit in May!) for their first event in the series and had a great response – just read this post.

I strongly think that GOOD Ideas for Cities should come to Rochester, New York! What do you think fellow ROC residents? I just might have to e-mail Alissa, though I am sure she is swamped with requests to participate! What a great program idea.

image from Gelatobaby post

Liminal Camera & VSW

I had a meeting at school this morning and was excited to see the final photographic print from this past Tuesday hanging in the studio! It came out so great! What an awesome experience. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the short video clips I posted (1,2) of us VSW students riding around in the Liminal Camera. HUGE THANKS to Metabolic Studio for sharing this experience with us!

I recognized a few classmates in the photo: Megan Magee Sullivan, Alicia Hope Taylor, and Juliana Muniz.

PLEASE NOTE: originally posted on my old blog, I’m slowly moving over my favorite posts!

Liminal Camera in ROC

When I walked into class this morning I was confronted with the large negatives and black and white photographs you see above and I knew that the camera had arrived!

Earlier this afternoon, before heading to Brockport, I took a ride around the city in the Liminal Camera – a project of Metabolic Studio led by artist Lauren Bon. I was first introduced to Bon’s work the spring of 2009 with the Not A Cornfield project via the PLANT room (now the Re:PLANT room) at Rochester Contemporary Art Center and the exhibition Not A Cornfield at George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film.

“The Liminal Camera can produce a photograph with-in hours of having taken it. It captures an image without drawing attention to itself as most cameras and camera equipment do.

The camera body is a shipping container which makes it hard to recognize as an image-making machine. Its size means that camera operators are able to be inside the camera. From the operators’ vantage point the subject appears upside down. The Liminal Camera is both an image capturing tool and perceptual tool.”

Metabolic Studio offered us VSW students a free workshop on the camera – picked us from VSW and everything! Our final destination was the former First National Bank of Rochester (35 State St.) where the final prints were on display for an event later tonight (which I was unable to attend). The ride from VSW to the former bank was my favorite part! It was such an AWESOME experience to watch the city move past upside down right in front of me. So bizarre. The moment I spun around in the light-tight darkroom door and entered the back of the camera I instantly smelled the fixer and had a flashback to high school photography and the hours I used to spend in the darkroom. See, the Liminal Camera also served as the darkroom to make the prints. Fun!

Once we parked at our destination we then prepped to take a photograph! As a class, we worked together to first make a test-strip. I got to wear a red “safe” light on my head and set the timer for exposure. This is actually where I had to leave the party as I had another one to attend. I do know, from classmates, that they successfully made a negative and print. The print will be staying with us at Visual Studies Workshop. Score!

I uploaded a couple of unedited video clips to my flickr so you can get a sense of what it was like riding in the back of the truck/camera. The first one was when we were still at VSW and the second one was when we were further downtown. I was impressed how sharp the image was and how GOOD it made Rochester, NY look! I have several more clips and when I have the time (ha!) I will be properly editing them into a video of my experience.

PLEASE NOTE: originally posted on my old blog, I’m slowly moving over my favorite posts!