Megan Charland | Visual Artist
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  postcard for Survey

Survey, 2011

Survey is an interactive website ( designed to focus on the constructed aspect of the landscape, and how we position ourselves within it. While working with archives, both local and national, Survey crops photographs of landscapes and people within the landscape to reconstruct a visual experience where you have the opportunity to explore this newly created space by way of a digital environment. The Internet, very much its own space, allows you to approach the archive in a way in which you may not otherwise do so. This alternative reading challenges the prescribed meaning of these photographs. The cropped images become hyperlinks, which allow you to further explore the newly created space. The further you survey the site, the more the relationship between Man and the landscape is evident by the juxtapositions in images past and present.


<-- promotional postcard I designed to be included with Survey for the exhibition Visual Data Spring 2011.

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